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    Zvolle - In the opening game of the Eredivisi 1R in the Netherlands in the 2020/21 season, Zvolle was ranked 15th in the league last season, and as much as I can remember, Zvolle showed a very frustrating performance, I think it's important for Zvolle to get over the defense that had collapsed by scoring 52 runs in the 26th round of the season to avoid relegation competition. I remember that there is no one, but I take a personal view that whether Zvole will continue the defensive changes he showed in the preseason will be the key to victory.
    As Zvolle, who will be playing the opening game at home, it is important to remember how he will be able to keep up with the atmosphere of the game, and that he needs to show a defensive change by taking a 4-2-3-1 formation to close the gap with Feyenoord, rather than an aggressive game operation, with Kenneth Pal-Sam Kirsten-Bram Van Paulen-Bermescaken's four-back showing a better defense line this season.As much as I can, I think that Zvole will be able to show what he can do by counterattack after defense in order to become a home game to play in his favor.
    Feyenoord - Feyenoord, who failed to advance to the Champions League in the 2020/21 season Dutch Eredivisi 1R opening game, and Feyenoord, who failed to advance to the Champions League in the last three seasons, have recently been playing a slightly shaky game in the Eredivisi League, so that Feyenoord is more focused on defending against Ajax and Alkmar this season.As we look forward to a more solid squad with Lee] joining us, this season, we hope that Feyenoord's performance for the Champions League ticket from the opening match will show an aggressive difference against Zvolle. 안전놀이터 
    As Feyenoord, who is looking forward to a better performance than last season, and Feyenoord, who can show a confident play aggressively against any team in Eredivisi, personally take the 4-2-3-1 formation and think about whether it's more defensive in the four-back line that will show a little change in Bart Niukov-Water Burger-Erik Bottegin-Licianos.As it is true that we will be able to see the difference in performance against Zvolle from the opening match, we want to personally look forward to seeing whether the attacking team of Urban Behays-Brien-Linsen will be able to make a difference in strength from the opening match, with Necolai Jorgensen at the center.
    Zvole and Feyenoord's opening match of the Dutch Eredivisi 1R will take place. Now that we remember that the difference between the two teams will be huge this season, Zvolle will think about how much change he'll be able to make in defense, which has been unstable since the opening game, and whether Kenneth Pal-Samkuten-Bram Van Paulen-Bermeskken's defense line will be able to make a difference this season.Given that the striker's performance in the opening match will be expected from the opening match, and that it is a Feyenoord that can create a sufficient difference between individual skills and performance, it is true that the team will clearly show its difference against Zvolle from the opening match.

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  • The secret to managing your bet money smartly

    It has been over 10 years since Sports Toto was introduced in Korea. Sports Toto has established itself as a healthy and intellectual sports and leisure game and plays an important role in the development of Korean sports. Most of the participants enjoy the game soundly for a small amount of money, but on Sports Toto related cafes and community bulletin boards, articles from people who are struggling with excessive participation in the game were sometimes noticed.


    안전한 메이저놀이터 추천 전문가 뱃사공

    In order to enjoy Sports Toto, it is most important to participate lightly with a small amount. In addition, you must enjoy the game within the limits you can afford. A sports betting expert named Avery Cardoza in the US also emphasizes the importance of money management in a book titled'The Basics of Winning Sports Betting', a bestseller in sports betting that has sold over 3.5 million copies in the US. Here are Avery Cardoza's money management tips on how to manage your money wisely while making sports betting more enjoyable.


    Cover of'The Basics Of Winning Sports Betting' brochure, which introduces the basic principles of successful sports betting.


    The Risks Of Overbetting


    뱃사공 안전놀이터 토토사이트 메이저놀이터 카지노사이트 우리카지노 사설토토사이트

    To be a winner in sports betting, you have to pay attention not only to smart betting, but also to proper money management and emotional control. This is because if you try to change the flow with an excessive bet in a situation where the loss continues, it can cause even more disaster. Whenever you play, victory can turn into defeat at any time, and in many cases, minor losses turn into terrible nightmares.


    The reversal of victory and defeat is the essence of sports betting games. Therefore, the final win or loss depends on how to manage the rising and falling flows. This shows how important money management is. When you're on an uptrend, you have to manage your profits as safely as possible to remain the last winner. To do so, you have to reduce the size of your losses to a level that you can afford even if the flow changes suddenly.

    Those who play games wisely have one thing in common. That is, you know how to manage your money. Excellent betting skills don't just mean winning the game. In order to become the winner of the game, you must have a strong will to win and not to return the hard-earned profits in vain.


    To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with one important concept. If you make a profit from a sports betting game, you are the owner of the money. If you think of the money as money from the betting company and not from yours, you won't feel reluctant to give it back. But that's a very dangerous attitude. Think of the money you earn in the game as yours, not the betting company. Then you won't try to get it back so quickly.

    The most important concept in money management is as follows.

    Don't bet more than you can afford economically or emotionally

    (Never gamble money that you cannot afford to lose, either financially or emotionally).

    No matter how confident you are in sports betting, do not participate in the game with the funds you need. You can lose money at any time by playing games. Playing games for an amount of money that would cost you a serious financial blow when defeated is like fighting with your body on fire. Playing games with essential funds in your hand is simply stupid.



    안전한 배팅 사이트 종류 스포츠 안전놀이터 추천 뱃사공

    Sports betting games are closely related to the opportunity to make a profit or lose money. No matter how easy the game looks and offers attractive odds that will appeal to your taste buds, the potential for losses is always there. This is because unexpected situations occur at any time in sports. However, if you play the game only within the limits set in advance, you will never experience pain.

    To this end, when playing sports betting games as part of your leisure life, never bet beyond what you can afford economically. If you are tempted to raise your bet a little, try reducing your bet on the contrary or stop playing at all. If you feel as if adrenaline is erupting from your body when you increase your bet, reduce your bet on the contrary.

    You shouldn't even ignore the emotional side. If you feel impatient for any reason, this is a sign that you need a break. Continued playing as it is can lead to more serious problems. In that case, pause the game and take a break with coffee, or get out of the game completely for a period of time.

    Playing games while feeling impatient not only destroys the enjoyment of the game, but also negatively affects the play. This is because impatience can lead to decisions that are completely different than usual. When participating in a sports betting game, it is as important as making a profit to feel pleasure, not impatience. With this in mind, you will never go the wrong way.


    뱃사공 안전놀이터 토토사이트 메이저놀이터 카지노사이트 우리카지노 사설토토사이트

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    뱃사공 안전놀이터 토토사이트 메이저놀이터 카지노사이트 우리카지노 사설토토사이트

    Very easy Toto] A glance at the community of experts'Winner Club'


    It can be said that it is a field where Sue's gather and share analysis information.


    If the boatman's game information menu is a space that provides objective information related to the sports Toto game, Winner Club is a space like a love room where you can openly share the hit rate in a free atmosphere.

    As you can see above, Winner Club is composed of club representative analysis, league concentration analysis, club lounge, panel forecast, challenge analysis, bulletin board, cartoon, etc.


    Club Representative Analysis is a section that introduces carefully selected analysis articles that are most likely to be hit by various clubs working hard at Winner Club. It is also a space where there is fierce competition to introduce good analysis articles that are comparable to other clubs as they publish analysis articles on behalf of the club.


    In the league intensive analysis, you can see a variety of analysis information prepared by amateur analysts who are active in the Winner Club. If you score based on the analysis, you will be given a coupon to purchase the game from Batman through a lottery, so it would be nice to participate once for fun when you have time.

    The Club Lounge Corner is like a lounge for club members active in Winner Club. If you like one of the clubs here, you can also act as an analyst after sending an email to the operator to sign up.


    The panel forecasting menu shows the analysis of the sports Toto competitions written by experts in each sport. It is also the place with 안전한 배팅 사이트 종류 스포츠 안전놀이터 추천 뱃사공 the highest number of views among the Winner Club menus.


    Challenge Analysis is literally a place where Batman members freely share their bets. Regardless of whether the results are correct or wrong, you can disclose your expectations to your heart's content. If you show your keen analytical power and high hit rate here, it may come to mind as a'popular star (?)'.

    The bulletin board is like a country marketplace where Batman members can freely share their opinions. Bulletin boards usually display their thoughts on various topics, but at the moment the game progresses, they transform into a relay room. After the game is over, it is a place full of humanity, such as sharing the joy of hitting or appeasing each other for regrets not being hit.



    Finally, in the cartoon menu, a webtoon named Sports Nyutsu and a sports association quiz are regularly published every Monday. Both are based on news that caught the attention of sports fans for a week. In the case of the sports association quiz, we are giving out prizes by drawing people who answer the correct answers, so please apply with a light heart.^^


    뱃사공 안전놀이터 토토사이트 메이저놀이터 카지노사이트 우리카지노 사설토토사이트



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  • 뱃사공 안전놀이터 토토사이트 메이저놀이터 카지노사이트 우리카지노 사설토토사이트

    Proto, Toto, that anyone who enjoys watching sports would have heard of at least once.


    Ahead of the recent opening of the Premier League, interest in the prototype is increasing.


    What are Proto and Toto (collectively called Sports Toto),


    Let's briefly point out how to do it and how the profit and loss structure is.




      What is a sports Toto?


    It is a sports and leisure game that predicts the outcome of a match targeting popular sports and receives a refund according to the result.


    Twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, target matches are announced and betting times are given.


    Bets can be placed both online and offline.



    뱃사공 안전놀이터 토토사이트 메이저놀이터 카지노사이트 우리카지노 사설토토사이트


    1. Toto's history and profit structure



      The history of Toto in Korea begins with the first release of “Soccer Toto 1X2” on October 6, 2001.


    Since then, the target range has been broadened to professional basketball (November 2001), professional golf (June 2004), professional baseball (July 2004), folk wrestling (September 2004), and professional volleyball (November 2006). lost. It is said that Toto came before Proto!


    Then, what will be the profit structure of Sports Toto?


    Even those who say they did Toto do not know about the profit structure.


    Basically, Sports Toto is a public service. That's why Toto buyers have a low percentage of money back, or refunds. The refund rates for horse racing and racing are 72% and 70%, respectively, but only 50% for Sports Toto. 20% is a huge difference.


      The remaining 50% is divided into 19.382% of commissioned operating expenses and 30.638% of proceeds to Mediaplex, a business operator.


      Proceeds are used for the construction cost of the World Cup soccer stadium (50%), the National Sports Promotion Fund (30%), the organization hosting the sporting event to be issued (10%), and the cultural sports project (10%) determined by the Minister of Culture and Tourism. As the repayment of the support for the construction of the World Cup soccer stadium ends, 50% of the total proceeds will be converted to the National Sports Promotion Fund.


    Therefore, currently, 80% of the proceeds are distributed to the National Sports Promotion Fund, 10% to the organizations hosting the sporting events to be issued, and 10% to the cultural and sports projects.


    2. Difference between Toto and Proto




      First of all, Toto and Proto differ from the dividend.


    Toto is a structure that converts the total purchase amount of buyers into a percentage and refunds them to the winners.


    Proto announces the odds by analyzing the odds of winning and losing in advance by sports experts named Oz.


    Therefore, Proto can be said to be a structure in which the odds are fixed regardless of the total bet amount (of course there are some odds corrections).




      The betting method is also different. In general, Toto is a game that matches the score of 3 games of soccer and baseball,


    A game that matches the wins and losses of 14 baseball games (1 means a win or lose win or loss)


    The odds of winning are low because Toto must match the results of several matches determined by the betting match.


    However, the dividend is that high, so in a word, there is a'jackpot.


    On the other hand, the Proto is different depending on the case, but it discloses the odds of approximately twenty or thirty games, and chooses the one you like.


    It is a structure to receive dividends by allowing users to choose from 2 to 10 matches and choose between win, draw, and lose (in the case of baseball, win or lose).


    It is often said that a bet that predicts only the outcome of two matches is called a two-folder, but the odds of winning are much higher than that of Toto, since you can only bet on confident matches that are easy to predict. Of course, the dividend is that low~!




    3. Can Toto and Proto win money?



    좋은 사이트 종류 스포츠 안전놀이터 추천 뱃사공 프로토 메이저놀이터 배팅 뱃사공 먹튀없는 토토 뱃사공 추천 안전한 스포츠토토 사이트 안전한 토토사이트 목록 메이저 사설토토 뱃사공 우리카지노 카지노사이트 쿠폰 추천사이트 축구 스포츠토토사이트 농구


      Of course, I can't say that no one has the eye to see through the game results by analyzing only sports like crazy. In fact, many people like ghosts predict the outcome of the game and catch reverse dividends (a game that generally predicts that it is difficult to win, so that the dividend rate is high). There are also people who continue to pick metallurgical metallurgy.


    But that doesn't apply to criminals like us. We need to keep the saying'balls are round' in our hearts. The act of betting speculatively for the purpose of winning money results in a loss of 90% or more. (Ah...my money....ㅜㅁㅜ)


      Think simple. Sports Toto is a public service, so there are a lot of taxes. That means, the odds are lower than arithmetic calculations.




    -You can pass the two paragraphs below this if it is bothersome to read-




      In the case of baseball, if two teams, A and B with similar abilities, have a high dividend, the dividend should be close to 2.0-2.0 for each of the two teams, arithmetically.


      However, when two teams of similar power meet, the dividend is usually 1.60-1.77 or 1.66-1.70, giving the home team a little more advantage, and the odds are announced 0.3 lower than 2.0. (0.3 is of course the share of the tax)



    In simple terms, the probability that the bet amount will be -100% is 50%, and the probability of +70% is 50%.


    In addition, since you have to go to at least 2 folders (based on 1.7 dividends), there is a 75% chance that the bet amount will be -100%, and there is a 25% chance that it will be +289%. (There is a probability that the bet amount must be +400% in a 25% probability, but the reality is +289%)


    In other words, it can be seen that the rate of return to risk is very small.


      Nevertheless, we often imagine that we can win money with a prototype because it has the advantage of being able to choose games that are relatively easy to predict, such as last season's Manchester United vs. Derby. Of course, it is not without chance. However, since there are more than two folders, there are not always easy matches that are always visible, and the occasional draw criterion often frustrates many toters. The same goes for Toto.




    -In conclusion, it is also'the ball is round'. So, let's get rid of the idea of ​​winning money by betting large sums with Proto and Toto. Unearned income is not easy.



    4. Nevertheless



    뱃사공 안전놀이터 토토사이트 메이저놀이터 카지노사이트 우리카지노 사설토토사이트


      Nevertheless, there are many people who enjoy Toto and Proto. Most of them are people who enjoy it for a small amount. The bet amount is from 100 won to 100,000 won, so when you go to the ballpark with a friend without a burden, if you bet 100 won or 500 won in your pocket and watch the game with excitement, wouldn't the excitement be more than 100 won and 500 won?




      Realizing the true purpose of Toto and Proto, we must make sure that we all forget the healthy spirit of sports.

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