• Chelsea - Chelsea has not performed

    Chelsea - Chelsea has not performed as well as expected after the opening game, recording a record of three rounds of the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season. In order to play in favor of this game, it will be more important to see what kind of play can be shown aggressively rather than defensive play. For Chelsea, they played the EFL Cup during the week, but as they personally believe that they are more likely to play the game by putting the main players into the Premier League, it will certainly be more important for Chelsea than defensive play and defensive play. It's a game that I want to look forward to Chelsea's strength in that it's been relatively five-game winning streak lately. Chelsea, who returned home, made a draw of the crisis of losing the previous game, will see how they can handle the game aggressively, and Chelsea will continue to take the lead in the 4-2-3-1 formation tactics, but they will rather take the view that Chelsea is unable to make a difference in its own decision-making power and make a better player. It is a game that I want to emphasize once again that Chelsea must survive the chance in order to remain unwavering, considering the fact that the defenders seem to be struggling with counterattack following last season. Crystal Palace - Everton is set to play in the away game with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss in the third round of the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season. As we consider the fact that we have to face the top-ranked team in this match, we will think that in order for Crystal Palace to play in an advantageous manner, the key point will be what kind of play Crystal Palace will show in a defensive game, and in addition to its somewhat aggressive and ups and downs, it has shown that Crystal Palace has lost five consecutive games against Chelsea overall. The game won the previous game, but overall, Crystal Palace's performance this season is expected to be more confident aggressively than defensive operations, and as we think that defense as a 4-4-2 formation will be the key point in this game, some 400 defenders of Joel Ward-Sheiku Kuyate-Mamadu Sako-Taic Mitchell's team will be able to play in any way.As you can imagine, the key to Crystal Palace's victory in this game will be the key to Crystal Palace's victory over what kind of play the defense can play. Chelsea and Crystal Palace will face off in the fourth round of the English Premier League. The fact that Chelsea's two top players, Tommy Abraham and Timo Werner's two-top, will definitely be able to play aggressively well, and the fact that Chelsea's lack of offensive chances has led to a growing number of defensive uncertainties. If Mitchell's defenders play a stable game in this game, they will expect Crystal Palace's strength, but they will personally expect Chelsea's lead at home. 토토사이트

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