• [Protto 10 Commandments] (10) Start with the retrograde.

    [Protto 10 Commandments] (10) Start with the retrograde.
    If you're a proto lover, you're probably interested in know-how to increase your hit rate. Sports Toto's annual analysis guide, 'Sport Toto Complete Conquest', contains a variety of information that can help you analyze your proto or Toto games.
    Here's the 'Protto 10 Commandments', which provide a clear overview of the key points of the prototype analysis. Enjoy the points that Proto masters consider important.
    Start with the 10th commandment.
    It's common to do analysis before betting and to use all the data, all the data, all the information.
    He shows off his ability to the fullest, and when the results come out, he tends to neglect his sense of humor.
    Even if I get a second chance, I can't play the right game.
    He is often frustrated and self-criticized about a game that missed his mark.
    If you play Baduk, masters must have a good sense of humor.
    The number of baduk has been endless and astronomical for thousands of years.
    Why do we play the same game of baduk when we don't play the same game of baduk?
    Repetition finds the cause of failure, fills the gaps, and doesn't repeat the same mistake again.
    I do it to reduce mistakes the next time a similar situation occurs.
    Vagination, first of all, is to reflect on unexpected variables after death.
    Pre-analysis has the effect of catching errors.
    Power evaluation, analysis, and prediction are not complete.
    However, you need to be sure to understand where the mistake occurred.
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    Second, we can effectively respond to similar situations by looking for a contingency plan through a review.
    The game is often not realized as analyzed and predicted.
    There are also a series of unusual situations in which strong teams are held back by weak teams.
    Every time a team like a sports game faces each other again, the conditions and circumstances will change.
    Similar situations and conditions, such as baduk, come out as much as you like.
    Just as a formality has emerged in Baduk, you can make and apply a similar situation model in sports.
    Third, the beginning of the analysis is the beginning of the analysis.
    Analysis is based on a vast amount of data, and one of those data is the reproduction. 
    Therefore, replication is not the end of the analysis, but the beginning of the analysis.

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