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    Zvolle - In the opening game of the Eredivisi 1R in the Netherlands in the 2020/21 season, Zvolle was ranked 15th in the league last season, and as much as I can remember, Zvolle showed a very frustrating performance, I think it's important for Zvolle to get over the defense that had collapsed by scoring 52 runs in the 26th round of the season to avoid relegation competition. I remember that there is no one, but I take a personal view that whether Zvole will continue the defensive changes he showed in the preseason will be the key to victory.
    As Zvolle, who will be playing the opening game at home, it is important to remember how he will be able to keep up with the atmosphere of the game, and that he needs to show a defensive change by taking a 4-2-3-1 formation to close the gap with Feyenoord, rather than an aggressive game operation, with Kenneth Pal-Sam Kirsten-Bram Van Paulen-Bermescaken's four-back showing a better defense line this season.As much as I can, I think that Zvole will be able to show what he can do by counterattack after defense in order to become a home game to play in his favor.
    Feyenoord - Feyenoord, who failed to advance to the Champions League in the 2020/21 season Dutch Eredivisi 1R opening game, and Feyenoord, who failed to advance to the Champions League in the last three seasons, have recently been playing a slightly shaky game in the Eredivisi League, so that Feyenoord is more focused on defending against Ajax and Alkmar this season.As we look forward to a more solid squad with Lee] joining us, this season, we hope that Feyenoord's performance for the Champions League ticket from the opening match will show an aggressive difference against Zvolle. 안전놀이터 
    As Feyenoord, who is looking forward to a better performance than last season, and Feyenoord, who can show a confident play aggressively against any team in Eredivisi, personally take the 4-2-3-1 formation and think about whether it's more defensive in the four-back line that will show a little change in Bart Niukov-Water Burger-Erik Bottegin-Licianos.As it is true that we will be able to see the difference in performance against Zvolle from the opening match, we want to personally look forward to seeing whether the attacking team of Urban Behays-Brien-Linsen will be able to make a difference in strength from the opening match, with Necolai Jorgensen at the center.
    Zvole and Feyenoord's opening match of the Dutch Eredivisi 1R will take place. Now that we remember that the difference between the two teams will be huge this season, Zvolle will think about how much change he'll be able to make in defense, which has been unstable since the opening game, and whether Kenneth Pal-Samkuten-Bram Van Paulen-Bermeskken's defense line will be able to make a difference this season.Given that the striker's performance in the opening match will be expected from the opening match, and that it is a Feyenoord that can create a sufficient difference between individual skills and performance, it is true that the team will clearly show its difference against Zvolle from the opening match.

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